Friday, April 10, 2009

A Personal Experience with Boylan's Cult.

A friend of TRUTH, a lady, shares this with us. Many thanks, dear.

I asked my daughter about the Altimar. She told me it was a group in a game she has played. It is set in modern day, the Altimar is a fictitious race who are destine to rule the world.
Zeta, another race Boylan says are more or less big blonde type beings much like us is laughable as most of us know Zeta is the 6Th letter in the Greek alphabet. How do we know what they call themselves or their worlds...ludicrous
What bothers me is when anyone has something happen to them it is either from the cabal attacking them or the starseed part of themselves evolving. Ummm, what about normal stuff such as stroke, electric shock, drug reaction. I don't know how much longer I can lurk in the group as it makes me pissed at such gullibility and Boylan's "wonderful" insight...bull...
I found the passage in Blood Sin's , by Kay Hooper I was talking about. This Reverend has taught his people there is no judgment. Which is similar from what I gather Boylan does. In the book the Reverend is a psychic who steals the life's energy from other psychics, which causes them to either die or become his mental slaves. In a way that is another trait Boylan has, he can convince his followers he is great and they must follow him.
Also, a dream can never be just a dream in this group that Boylan has..there is always a starvisitor (SV) or a cabal trying to control them.
Speaking of cabals, Hillary is one, Strieber is one, Friedman is one..Obama is a starseed. There are tons of cabal in government and authors as probably would be termed one. Me too.
Have you ever been to any of the starseed workshops? there are two scheduled for this year.
Stay awake...

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