Monday, June 1, 2009


I’m shocked.
The Exopoliticians told us that they know what’s going on. They sell books; they make money with their lectures, courses, and solar initiations in Bolivia.
There are several EXOS, but the pioneers are Dr. Michael Salla and lawyer Alfred Webre.That is what they and Wilkipedia say.Both, Salla and Webre, belong to the same Exopolitical Institute, so they must agree, right?
They have anonymous sources, semi-anonymous whistleblowers, sergeants who “saw the thing”, and contactees.
Please, forget about Evidence. This single word will transform you in a psyop, a cabal, an Illuminates, a provocateur, an Agent of Darkness and many more ugly things.
The problem is that Salla wrote about many Alien Races, some good some bad, but lately, Salla proclaimed that talking about bad Ets is demonizing those good, wise and uninvited visitors.Please also forget about abductions, OK?Boylan says that these abductions are cabalistic. The all-powerful Cabal is responsible for these crimes. They want to destroy the image of Boylan’s Star Nations, and this hurts the image of Boylan’s little sect.

Remember that he is several billions years old, and Councilor for Earth, writes Wendy in consult with Asheoma.
Back to the Exopoliticians, we have another surprise, Alfred Webre wrote that abductions happen, and, we have one billion abductees.
So, Exo Salla says aliens are good, but Exo Webre tells us that the aliens already abducted one billion humans.Something weird is going on here, don’t you think?
How is it possible that two big Exos tell us so different things?
Where are the psychics, the talking dolphins, the White Brotherhood that moved from Tibet to Bolivia?
The Truth? Well the truth is that these people know nothing about the Non-Human Entities behind the UFO phenomenon. Neither do I, but recognition of ignorance is always better that LIES.
And remember. Think twice before buying the next book promoted by the Exos. There are better ways of spending money in these difficult times.

James Black

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