Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wisdom of Uncertainty

Dearest people.
I am glad you are here, posting, fighting, knowing and more than that, non-knowing.
Again, we live (I think) in the Big Circus, the Big Make-believe.
Faceless shadows tell us that nothing is true, everything is possible, and this remembers us the ideas of Marshal McLuhan: THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE . (not massage)
This means that TV, or now the Web, does NOT give us any message. The Internet is the message in itself. The Internet only can "talk" about the Internet.
Flatus Vocis as my roman ancestors used to say. Empty words.
In the Circus, there is no meaning and what is worst, there is nothing outside the Circus.
No Exit, but Knowing, Awareness.
If you look at the Void, you will find that the Void is looking at you, said Nietzsche, perhaps with different words.
The SUPREME COURAGE, the More than Human Courage is the total lack of Hope.
We, dear people, only can get out of HELL when we recognize that we ARE in Hell.
The worst is that there is NOTHING ELSE.
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