Friday, June 19, 2009

Basiago, Webre and the "intelligent martian bipedals"

This is an excellent post of Dean in Salla's group Prepare4Contact.
My own opinion is that the Basiago, Webre martian joke is just derision of the UFO Phenomenon. Remember that ridicule was always an excellent instrument to deny serious research.

From: Dean <>Subject: [prepare4contact] Basiago’s intelligent bipedal hominids on MarsTo: prepare4contact@yahoogroups.comDate: Thursday, June 18, 2009, 3:37 AM

As much as I believe that there could be intelligent life on Mars now,or in the past, I can't see any of the "intelligent bipedal hominids capable of carving statues and building structures" thatAndrew Basiago sees in the nearby field of "the figure of a humanfemale" that got everyone's attention in January 2008. Whatappears to be a possible statue of a "human female" is small andprobably no more than a few inches tall, consequently, Basiago extrapolates from that the possibility of small "intelligent bipedalhominids" and "a variety of animal species that exist, that onceexisted, or that have never existed on earth. Reptilian speciesdominate."
He goes on further to postulate a number of very odd aliens.http://exopolitics. files/mars- --andrew- d.-basiago- --the-discov\ery-of-life- on-mars-- -12-12-08. pdf

Anyone who has PhotoShop or other similar software can download thisimage¹ into their computer and zoom in to look for the little aliensthat Basiago claims to see. I haven't seen any of the creatures that he sees and, apparently, Richard Hoagland² and Joseph Skipper of mars anomaly research³ haven't either, otherwise, they would bejumping on the bandwagon too.One thing, however, that did occur to me about the possibility of little"intelligent bipedal hominids," is that if they really existedand were "intelligent" that they would have sabotaged"Spirit Rover," but that hasn't happened, so, they either 1)don't exist, 2) aren't intelligent, 3) are too small, or 4) justdon't care if we see them. Based on the lack of evidence seen withmy evidently limited vision, and the fact that the aforementionedresearchers haven't seen anything either, I'll go with the firstpossibility. I will be very happy if Basiago's claims are verified,especially since one of Exopolitics esteemed founders, Alfred Webre ispromoting this. I think that it's very important to verify this oneway or the other for Exopolitics good name.Good hunting everyone.


¹http://marsrovers. jpl.nasa. gov/gallery/ press/spirit/ 20080103a/ 119886\5273_31824-1_ Sol1369A_ WestValley_ L257F_br2. jpgNote: there is a large 43.0 MG image that is really necessary to use inorder to see with as much clarity as possible, which can be found at thefollowing link (scroll down).http://marsrovers. jpl.nasa. gov/gallery/ panoramas/ spirit/2008. html² http://www.enterpri semission. com/³ http://www.marsanom alyresearch. com/
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