Saturday, June 13, 2009

Big Problems in the Exo Circus

Several problems, dear people. By the way, France was ready to disclose Alien presence on Earth, right? It didn't happened of course, and will never happen.

As usual, when lies don't work, the Exos remain not give any justification. Just forget about what they The Big Circus, the Chain of Lies.

The Exo, known as Dr. Sauna. needs to find answers. People in UFOfacts wants to contact the Star Nations. People wants to see something..!Wendi, one of the female bishops of the Supreme Councilor of Earth, tells the true believers that they must change and forget human culture to be ready for contact. Asheoma told her that.Fran, the incarnated Mantis is in the same pattern. Faith will be necessary. Good will, Humility.But...again, people is NOT brainless as Boylan believes. People is asking about those Star Nations, that of course, do not NOT help us at all.Remember the Altimarians? Nobody talks about these extraterrestrial "friends". A Lie must be either forgotten or covered by a new lie.That is the Law of the Exo Circus. The big show must go on. All of them, Exos, have something in common. They are big liars and they want your money. Selling books, Bolivian Solar Initiations, Courses of Galactic Diplomacy, meetings with the Star Kids...Of course, NOTHING HAPPENS. Nobody helps us. Nobody lands in the White House. After 65 years of faked Whistleblowers, New Age, Pseudoscience, Hoaxes, what we have? NOTHING.The Entities behind the UFO Phenomenon, remain unknown. They are doing something here, but their secret works have nothing to do with helping us.The EXOS Salla and Greer write that the ETs are good. The Exo Webre remains us that the number of human abductions is ONE BILLION..! I
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