Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Skepticism and Critical Thinking.

Periodically rational individuals are attacked by some enemies of skepticism.First of all, Skepticism is not Critical Thinking.
Skepticism is a right and a protection.

Sample: If someone in the street of Washington DC. tries to sell you the Washington Monument for 100$ , you are perfectly right to be skeptic.

Now, if someone tells you that the White Brotherhood moved to Bolivia from Tibet, and that the Elders live in secret subterranean cities under the Lake Titicaca, also in Bolivia, you will probably ask for some Evidence of what the gentleman says, particularly if he wants 7.000 $ for his Solar Initiation. No problem IF you have FAITH in what this individual says, but also, there will be no problem if you ask for some EVIDENCE, perhaps a picture or video of the Subterranean cities under the Titicaca Lake, of some autograph of some member of the so called White Brotherhood.Also, before giving the Individual (also a contactee) your 7.900 $, ask him if he brought some pictures or some artifacts from his visits to Ganymede, and other distant celestial bodies. (kind of "beam me up" thing.Your doubts of course, are perfectly justified. Your Critical Thinking is working. Your skepticism is protecting you from con men, profit mystics, charlatans, and liars.And by the way, speaking about Faith let me tell you this.. Faith works well in Religion. A religious individual has the right to tell me that my doubts concerning the supernatural show that I have no FAITH. He is right. But if the individual who tries to sell me the Washington Monument asks me for Faith, he must think that I am a perfect Idiot. In other words, those who tell me about their visits to subterranean cities or distant planets, MUST show me some evidence if they want my money. This is it.All this is called Critical Thinking, Reason, Logic.

The rest is...(for me) the Big Show, the Vaudeville the Exo Circus.

Be all happy and well.

James Black
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