Friday, June 19, 2009

Exopolitics: an exercise in Futility

Dabe writes:
"Should you find time, would you explain what you mean when you stated skepticism is not critical thinking. When a skeptic in the pseudo level of debunking makes a claim, isn't that a critical thought statement from their personal opinion?"

The answer is simple. For me, Skepticism is the denial of the possibility of any reliable knowledge. Of course, this Skepticism is irrational and not better than crude superstition.Healthy skepticism comes after we find that some statements and theories are not support by Evidences.The Irrational Skeptic denies the whole UFO Phenomenon. Personally I think, after 40 years of research, that there are enough Evidences to work with the hypothesis that Advanced Entities, probably Not-human, are here in our planet from the beginning of historical times. Romans and Indians, Europeans and Easterners describe the same kind of flying objects again and again. Besides, many individuals of different ages, culture and national origin told me about their encounters with the Phenomenon.Let me tell you also that I saw UFOs in two opportunities. So, my hypothesis is this:

1) Advanced Non-Human Entities operate here, in our planet and perhaps in our Solar System.
2) We don't know where they come from, and/or what are they doing here.
3) There is no Evidence that these Entities are here for helping us. On the contrary, there are many episodes of hostility and/or cruel detachment.
4) Apparently, these Entities are not interested in any kind of Official Contact, so, the whole idea of Exopolitics is a perfect exercise in Futility.

I hope this will give you a clear idea about my position concerning Critical Thinking, Logic, Skepticism and the UFO Phenomenon.Charlatanism, Profiteering, and Pseudoscience, serve several purposes. One of them is keeping the UFO Phenomenon in the lowest level of pop. culture. In other words the EXOS try to keep the good minds out of their Circus, out of their Show. My method of fighting this, is to demand Evidences and show Exos' methods of disinformation and paranoid manipulation.

In Truth We Trust
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