Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dr. Salla distances himself from the ETs

In what looks like a new twist in the EXO depleted rhetoric , Dr. Michael Salla adopts an objective point of view concerning the ET contact hypothesis. Read below please.

SETI Pioneer debunks crop circles as ET communicationsJune 6, 9:39 AM Chilbolten Crop Circle - ET answer to 1974 Arecibo Message?In a recently recorded interview,Dr Frank Drake responded to questions concerning the scientific detection of extraterrestrial intelligence. He stated his view that radio signals are the optimal way in which extraterrestrials would communicate with humanity. He gave NASA communications with satellites and space missions as an example of the appropriateness of radiosignals. He said that the Search for Extraterrestrials Intelligence(SETI) should focus on those parts of the electromagnetic spectrum thatare the most appropriate for radio signals from extraterrestrials. Inanswer to the question of whether some crop circles were a possible extraterrestrial response to the 1974 Arecibo message, Drake said: "aliens would know better than to communicate with humans in this ridiculous way". In response to Drake’s comments veteran cropcircle researcher, Colin Andrews pointed to various features of crop circles that reflect an extraterrestrial origin. Andrews may well be right. Crop circles could be created by extraterrestrials using torsion fields for remote communications and other purposes.cont:
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