Friday, June 26, 2009

UFOs and Experts

We live in the Era of Pundits. These are experts in many things. Experts in the Middle East, in the Far East, in Politics, in Celebrities, in name it.
However, the Exos in their publicity ($) write about experts in Galactic Civilizations, Pleiadeans, Greys, and also Arcturian Experts. Oh , and also they have and expert in Universal Law..! Alfred Webre.Also, they promote an expert in Greys.
As we know already, Dr. Salla is an Expert in History-fiction. Ike and the Aliens, Kennedy killed by the "cover-upers" (this is a neologism, I know)

I have my doubts concerning all these experts, and perhaps you, people with Brains, can help me to clarify this.
What means to be an Expert in Arcturians? (see last publicity of Exo Salla). Lots of experts , consequently, the Cabal, and the Cover Up, do not work at all. Dozens of Doctors know lots of things about the uninvited guests.
Of course, they come to guide us, poor Humans, they are models of Generosity and Wisdom...
Wait, wait, because I don't need to be an expert to think that one billion abductions (Webre,) are not a good example at all.

Yes, lots of experts in aliens, psychic dolphins, galactic culture, and also Healers and Bolivian experts in subterranean cultures under the Titicaca Lake...
Looks like an Aquelarre, a meeting of Witches, with all due respect.
Many Alohas and Mahalos and $ of course. Everything so mystic.

While I wait to be enlightened, please,.give me a break..!

Hope you are all Happy and Well.
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