Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Circus Without Doors

Perhaps is a nice word. A Humble word. Perhaps is the twilight zone between options, possibilities, and alternatives.The Circus we live in works with shadows, fog and mirrors. Is a big, perhaps infinite joke and make-believe. (Between other definitions)
The Circus Masters invite us to find a solution for the insoluble problem.The Non Human Entities, NHE, are the owners of the Circus, masters of the Big Show.
Or not (smiling) or they want us to believe also that they are not the masters. Sometimes I feel that the Circus IS his own Master and some of you will understand this.
The problem with the Big Circus is that has no doors; there is no exit, no end of the show.Under the masks of the clowns we will not find faces but new masks.
The Non Human Entities are not Ets. Are not Aliens.

They are the owners of the Circus without doors.Shadows and Mirrors, mirrors and shadows, and the Joker telling us where we will NOT find the Door.Is Sophia the name of the door?

Perhaps. Who knows? There are no Doors, just mirrors. The Guides, the nice good old masters are yes, masters of Disguise. Is better NOT to see the face under their masks. The Face is the Abyss, the Void.Hear the Truth: There is nothing outside the Circus. No exit, no guides and no signs.We try to solve the UFO, or the NHE problem but, there is no solution. There are only masks and under the masks the Supreme Void, whose secret name is NO.Perhaps is better to follow the mellifluous guides, charlatans, hope sellers.Perhaps is better to ignore that the Circus is unlimited and has no doors.

James Black
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