Sunday, June 21, 2009

Paradigm Research Group and Media Circus.

This document of the Paradigm Research Group teaches us a few things if we analyze it. Some paragraphs that we find important, are in italics. Our own comment is written is bold italic between PRG document. Thanks for your interest.

Press ReleaseFor Immediate DistributionPRG’s Million FAX Descend on WashingtonToronto, Ontario , CanadaJune 20, 2009 – The Paradigm Research Group (PRG) has entered the third phase in its push to have the White House recognize it has a responsibility to end the 60 year old truth embargo surrounding thefacts of the Extraterrestrial presence now engaging the planet.
Citizens are being asked to communicate their concerns to the President and the WashingtonPress Corps.

The PRG wants the White House to end the 60 year old embargo surrounding the facts of ET presence now engaging the planet.The PRG showd tell us why the truth embargo is 60 years old, and more important, what are then facts showing the ET presence in our planet. In other words, PRG must give us some Evidence. Below we will see in what "facts" this evidence is suported.

The level of confidence amidst PRG’s organization tohave journalists in the White House Press Corps broach the issue with PresidentBarak Obama is based on the clear understanding that many of the government’s own officials have already conceded:

First - UFO’s are real,Second - They represent unauthorized incursions into ourair-space by craft of unknown origin and,Third - High level officials continue to with-hold thetruth.

UFO's are real. Of course . UFO means Unidentified Flying Object. But since these objects are unidentified by definition, nobody can deduce that UFOs are Extraterrestrial. By the same token, we cannot say that UFOS represent unauthorized incursions into our air-space by crafts. For this, we must first identify UFOS. Learn what they are. For this we need serious research. When UFOs become IFOS, that is Identified Flying Objevcts, then we can talk about air-space crafts.Also: what is exactly the truth that is with-hold by high level officials? The existence of UFOS? . There are unidentified flying objects, and nobody denies it.

One such official John Podesta former Chief of Staff forPresident Clinton stated at a National Press Club pressconference: "It is time for the government to declassify records thatare more than 25 years old and to provide scientists with data that will assistin determining the true nature of the phenomena."

There is nothing new in this, but a confession of Ignorance. Podesta sais that scientists will be determining the true nature of the phenomena, consecuently they ignore what are the UFOs, right? So, again, we ask ourselves what kind of Cover-Up is this?How can somenone disclose something that he ignores? In this oximoronic stupidity we can define the whole futility of the Exopolitical rhetoric.

A spokesperson for Exopolitics Canada told ZlandCommunications :“Mr. Bassett’s initiative – the Million Fax on Washington – is a bold effort to send this issue to the front pages of every major newspaper. Weencourage everyone to engage this process to first indicate this matter is ofglobal significance and secondly to let the President know that none of hispredecessors had the courage to address the UFO/ET issue – as a matter offact we know at least one President was told hecould not have access to UFO data. We do not want this President to becomepart of the cover-up.”

Here is the real purpose. Mr. Bassett doesn't want the recognition of the White House. What he wants is Circus, Media show. Probably he wants publicity through this purpose, but he is wrong. Not even a million faxes will put the UFO issue in front pages of every mayor newspaper. The same EXOS that demmand the disclosure have dicredited the UFO Phenomenon enough.Thanks to their ridiculous discourse, UFOs belong to the front page of the lowest market tabloids.

James Black

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