Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DISCLOSURE: Same old, same old

My comment in bold and italic

Paris has chosen follow the lead of maverick UFO nation Brazil and resist US pressure to continue delaying disclosure until America feels it is ready for the event.
What is the meaning of this? Let me tell you. it's meaningless. Brazil is considered a third world country and even if the president Lula talks about UFOs visiting him, people will say that he is drinking to much . I don't agree with this, but it is TRUE. Now, let us see what France will do. Just create a new burocracy called telephone hot-line. The queries of panicky citizens will be kept in some forgotten file. That is all. Also, french police will handle UFO reports. Probably Inspector Cluzot will be in charge.In fact, this is against any disclosure. It shows to the Circus visitors the "right" message: "Oh...yes, let's see what are those...UFOs...sorry, was that the right word?Nothing serious: after all, UFO means Unidentified Flying Objects, not ET crafts.All this is nothing new. Just tell us what we know already, what we learned in decades of Research: There will not be any Disclosure. For years, a few people is making a living telling us about the imminent disclosure. There will never be such thing. The Big Circus doesn't need it. Neither do the non-human entities behind the UFO Phenomenon and other shows
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