Monday, February 9, 2015

Ufologists and the "Moment of Truth"

 Let me tell you something about the Moment of Truth. Any self proclaimed Ufologist or UFO-Conspiracy researcher, if he/she is a normal individual, sooner or later arrives to the Moment of Truth. The M.O.T. point. This is the moment when he understands that is telling lies and becomes a secret skeptic. Reading and writing about UFO, brings sooner or latter that inevitable skepticism. Now, if the "ufologist" goes on with his mythological rhetoric, he will be fighting with his own consciousness. She or he becomes a conscious charlatan. A snake oil seller or recognizes his situation and tells the truth, even if truth doesn't sell, and even if his friends now call him a dis-informer or a psy-op.

Remember that those who believe in the UFO-ET-COVER-UP mythology cannot tolerate different ideas. For them there are different opinions. As in religion, the skeptic is condemned, silenced, hated, insulted.

Why? Simply because after the M.O.T. the researcher, the expert in UFO, knows the other is right and he is wrong. However, the UFO industry must protect the market. Market is $. 

What brings the Moment of Truth? 
Absolute lack of evidences, total unreliability of sources, working day after day on something that is not there and will never be there. 
Also, if the individual is normal, his contact with alienated individuals, obvious liars, opportunists, hoaxers, pseudo-contacts becomes destructive and negative. 

The "ufologist" understands that borderline personalities and loonies are seduced by his pseudo-science and in fact are his clients.
Then the M.O.T. , the cognitive dissonance becomes inevitable. 

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