Friday, December 26, 2008

Preparing for what?

Lot of politics in P4C, Dr. Salla's group.
Lots of politics, and religion and "Xolar Initiation" and trips to Bolivia, but I see no preparation for contact at all.
What I see is just politics, not Exopolitics, and it's nobody's fault of course.
The Aliens are there, detached, doing their things.
Seems to me that the last thing they want is diplomatic contact.
They were doing the same thing for years, centuries, millenniums.
Perhaps they watch our wars, our genocides, our failure as humans. Perhaps they don't.
We can, of course, talk about the cover-up, and send faxes to the White House, but this will change nothing.
I'm afraid that President Obama have problems enough to solve. Poverty, Crisis, Irak, Afghanistan, you name it.
Let's be honest, the last thing he care about is UFOs.
Because UFOs, Aliens, Cover-up, are problems for us, but not for the other 90 % of the people.
So, the pint is that in P4C there is nothing to say. Because nothing happens.
Boylan's UFOfacts instead, works as a Cult. Is in fact a cult. You know Boylan's rethoric: Altimarians, Star kids, Wendy and Asheoma, Fran, the woman who is a mantis incarnated. NOTHING real. Just a new cult. Faith in the Guru...same old, same old.

So, next year we will read the same things. Anonymous sources, contactees talking New Age, everything but EVIDENCES.
So, the only thing we can do is to look for those evidences. Understand what is REAL and what is not. What is FACT and what is just Fantasy.
We should apply the good old Occam Razor and stop the creation of unnecessary entities.
Sightings are important, and qualified witnesses, and good pictures and videos.
Scientific Ufology is the only way we have to solve the UFO Phenomenon.
The alternative is mythology, pseudo-science, cultism, new age, but not research.

Have a very happy 2009. After all, we are all Humans. Brothers and Sisters in Humanity.

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