Saturday, December 20, 2008

Disclosure meme works for the gov.

Dear friends , let us consider this:

EXOS claims: " recognize the have aliens there, and you have alien technology, and you shot down several alien crafts, and you have pacts with those ET,s and Ike meet the Visitors,...and you men, know a lot, know everything about Aliens, and alien craft, and...well you name it...we demand, in this very moment, forget about the economy, we want the whole truth. Show the ETs you have!"

GOV.:smiles and remains silent.

The people, consequently believes that the "good old boys" of the Gov. are in control.

Of course the whole "show" works for Gov.

The real cover-up is government's VULNERABILITY. That is what they want to keep secret.

So, the EXOS are the best friends of the Authorities.

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