Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ufologists looking for some new ideas.

We can learn a lot about the UFO subculture or Ufology, reading what the experts tell us.
Michael Salla shows a practical approach. He remains in Hawaii and gives this kind of Exo-news:

Secret moon base uses abducted humans as slave labor…/

Dr. Salla doesn’t waste time in polemics and “revelations” like the no-Roswell-Slides. Instead he informs us that:
Dr Michael Salla informs that one hundred spherical extraterrestrial ships penetrated in our solar
system with new advanced technologies.
The well-known exopolitician talks also about 22 different ET races in our planet.

Talking about exopolitics, it seems to me that Alfred Webre is now out of the field, since his dedication to all kind of conspiracies is full-time. New World Order, the Catholic Church as Babylon, disguised and undisguised Satanism, Illuminati, chemtrails, genocide…you name it..!
Of course Alfred Webre doesn’t have time for the aliens since he is now a conspiracy theorist full time.

Now, about the “pillar of Ufological research” and TV personality Richard Dolan, after his promotion of the no-Roswell-slices scam, he is looking for some new “product” to clean his damaged credibility.
However, looks like he is out of new ideas and he will insist in his oldies like Breakaway Civilization, Secret Space Program and disclosure.
Looks like Richard is losing his faith, and the “pillar” is looking for a serious job. By the way,
Dolan’s apologies show a curious dilemma between recognition of guilt and narcissism.

The curious thing is that these are not in fact apologies, but a new attempt to save his face. (I hope that Richard will find cure for his compulsive posting of self-pictures.)
As you can see, ufology is condemned to repeat itself again and again. The big problem of professional UFOlogists is to find something new to say about the UFO mythology. The “believers” are losing their Faith.

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