Thursday, May 21, 2015

Richard Dolan’s “sincere, overdue apologies.”

No Richard Dolan, your apologies are not sincere at all. You play with words and try to make the whole thing look funny. Also, this time you didn’t punish us with a new self-portrait, but instead of your face, we see a bad humanoid draw. It’s not difficult to see in this crumpled piece of paper a symbol of your feelings concerning the future of your ufological career.

In the future, the believers will think twice before buying your book or go to your lectures. Perhaps you will be “unreliable” from now on.

Why should your audience believe in “breakaway civilizations”, “secret space programs “or the cover-up conspiracy? As usual you will give no evidences as you didn’t when people bought $20 tickets to see the “extraterrestrial “that was in fact a mummified two years’ old boy found in Mesa Verde in 1894. (People will remember this scam, Richard Dolan.)

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