Thursday, May 7, 2015


We must understand that UFO subculture belongs to the Entertainment Industry.
Why is this so? Simply because those who try to make a living through this kind of show, KNOW sooner or later, that they are limited by the REAL WORLD and to keep the show going on, they produce all kinds of nonsense and try to sell it.

UFO congresses, lectures, books, academies of “ufology” and faked whistle-blowers are products. Once the believers go home, the "experts" share the money. (Not much since the UFO-conspiracy "product" doesn't sell well these times.)

The real problem is that UFO-ET-CONSPIRACY mythology is a dead end. NOTHING is going on, except the imagination of the professionals.
This is also limited, because once they sell the mythology of the cover-up and make the fool demanding disclosure, what remains is the pure nonsense. The “expert” must compete with the old show-men.

He or she must recognize sooner or later that truth has nothing to do with the UFO Myth.
Now the “researcher” belongs to the pseudo-ufologists gang. Charlatans, liars, professional fantasists and hoaxers are now their business partners.

Either you remain in that “company” or you go back to the real world and find a job, and this will not be a sacrifice because the UFO-ET-COVER-UP mythology doesn't sell well. It is an old fantasy, even for the entertainment industry.

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