Wednesday, May 20, 2015

From self-proclaimed UFO researchers to "Infotainers"

In Above top secret, “Mirageman” writes this:
The Roswell Slides hoax.
“I still say that any rationally minded human being would have looked at the slides and concluded that they were looking at a museum exhibit of a mummified child. Because a) it looks like a small mummified child and b) it looks it was taken in a museum.

So whoever came up with the story that it was an alien from the 'alleged' Roswell crash and stuck with it for 3 years has to have been only interested in making money out of it. The only other excuse is that they are a congenital idiot. In the end it was a money making exercise so I think it's obvious what my conclusion is.”

What follows is the best definition I’ve read about the career of the self-proclaimed UFO researchers, and “TV personalities.

“So where does this leave Richard Dolan, and indeed anyone
 else, who takes the $, £ and € from the "UFO consumer? 

I think we have to place it all in context.

None of these people have ever come up with a single iota of definite proof that we are being visited or ever have been visited by alien beings anyway.

 They may start with honest intentions but eventually end up as "infotainers" once they hit the brick wall of realizing that there is nothing concrete in the field. They have to perpetuate the UFO mythos and keep the 'belief' alive whilst also trying to make a living out of it all.

Otherwise the money dries up and they would have to pursue other ways to earn a wage. Eventually leaving these fringe topics at the hands of amateurs and/or the mainstream media.”

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