Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Balloons Operation: a Human message to the UFOnauts.

The Balloons Operation: a Human message to the UFOnauts.
First of all let me tell you what follows. I think that the UFO Mystery is solved by the Psychosocial Hypothesis.
Image result for balloons skyIn my view, the UFO as ET phenomenon is a dead end. In Ufology nothing happens. The whole thing is built on hearsay, pseudo-scientific theories, faked sources, mysticism and conspiracy theory. The whole thing kept alive by the UFO Industry which is nothing but show.
Helium Tank Kit with 30 Latex BalloonsNow, let’s talk about my suggestion. I will call it the Balloon Message. IF the imaginary UFO are produced by alien intelligences, we should understand their message. Their “presence” is a big joke. For decades, or centuries, they play the most stupid game with us. Why not answer to this message with our own joke?
Nothing is easier than this. You just buy balloons and helium gas in any parties shop near your home or even online. I don't sell ballons or helium by the way.

The message is powerful and intelligent: We are telling to the UFOnauts and to the UFO industry that the whole thing is a joke, and that we are not as stupid as they both think. We
If we do this, we will be in the "offensive". We will DO SOMETHING. So, the Balloons Operations is ON. Share.Share and share again.

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