Thursday, April 16, 2015

UFO self-proclaimed experts recognize Ufology as EXTRAVAGANZA.

Survival depends on adaptation to the environment and ufology, an imaginary discipline, gives us a good example. The UFO conference "The Hungry Racoon" is presented as "extravaganza" . In the British Encyclopedia , extravaganza is defined in these terms:

"extravaganza,  a literary or musical work marked by extreme freedom of style and structure and usually by elements of burlesque or parody, such as Samuel Butler’s Hudibras. The term extravaganza may also refer to an elaborate and spectacular theatrical production. The term once specifically referred to a type of 19th-century English drama made popular by J.R. Planché, a British playwright and antiquary who wrote fanciful portrayals of fairy tales and other poetic subjects based on similar French productions. Planché’s productions included dancing and music and influenced such later writers as W.S. Gilbert."
Wikipedia coincides with these definitions: 
"An extravaganza is a literary or musical work (often musical theatre) characterized by freedom of style and structure and usually containing elements of burlesquepantomimemusic hall and parody. It sometimes also has elements of cabaret, circusrevue, variety,vaudeville and mime."
So, Ufology and ufologists recognize now that the "Unidentified Flying Saucers" thematic is a massive nonsense of conspiracy theory, pseudo-mysticism, paranoia, charlatanism and trivia. 
In fact "everybody" was there. See the names and if you have enough sense of humor do some "googling" and learn more about these "experts". 
Of course after these extravaganza, will be more and more difficult for these ufologists to sell books pretending seriousness. No, in fact the UFO-ET drama becomes comedy, vaudeville...EXTRAVAGANZA..! 

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