Friday, April 3, 2015

The UFO Galactic Quantum Congress will be a sensational event.

Our reporter sent us the following conversation between UFO Congress Organizers

-.The  Universal Congress of Ufology, Disclosure and Extraterrestrial-Extradimensional civilizations on Earth will be sensational…something totally new..!
-. You are totally right as a recognized professor or Exo-psychology, but let me tell you something. It’s my feeling that we should find something…something truly new. I do not believe that the extra-dimensional factor will be a real contribution…we don’t have enough elements to talk about extra-dimensional civilizations.

-.Well, if this is so, we neither have enough elements to talk about Extraterrestrial civilizations.
-.But there is already a tradition…from Adamski’s handsome Venusians in the era of the nice space brothers, to the greys now…and we have the Tall Whites and the Praying Mantises, and even the Pleiadeans of Billy Meyer; and don't forget the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill.

.-Forget about abductions Doctor, abductions are more outdated than the Men in Black.  Concerning the extra-dimensional civilizations however…

-.You should remember Professor that an authority as Judge Alfred Webre   mentioned the Extra-dimensional Entities.
-.I recognize that extra dimensional entities were mentioned by Judge Webre’s in his interviews, but we don’t have enough elements…

-. …as we haven’t enough elements of anything in ufology…the art Professor,  is to keep the believers paying for lessons congresses and lectures,  and buying books …
-. It’s always the same book…

After a long period of silence, Jeremiah Wilson, Doctor in Exopolitics and Breakaway Civilizations said this:
-.I’m afraid Professor that you are nor ready for the future International UFO Congress. You must find your lost faith…or worst, I should believe that you are a psyop, a cover-up agent, a disinformer, a puppet of the National Security State whose multi-billionaire black budget keeps the cover up concerning UFO Truth..!

.-No!!!!! do not tell me that, do not doubt about my loyalty… and now, from our previous discussion, I was enlightened…the International, Intergalactic, Multidimensional and Multi-Universal Congress should be dedicated to some new revelations about the Breakaway Civilization, the Secret Space program, NASA lies, and the Big Conspiracy.
-. …and please Professor, include something about Tesla. Also we will rename the congress, calling it Quantum Congress…how about this?

-.Magnificent Doctor…Magnificent idea. T-Shirts with the alien happy face will sell like water and so will the Roswell Coffee Cups.

-. …and the books... By the way did you change the names of the new editions?
.- Of course, now the name of the book is Cover-up, Disclosure, Quantum Alien Agenda and Breakaway Civilization.
-.Great... Our Congress will be a fantastic event…!

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