Thursday, April 23, 2015

Richard Dolan finds the way out of the Matrix: Buddhist Dharma.

We must pay a tribute to Richard Dolan (Professor) for his activities. Who doesn’t know Richard Dolan, the UFOlogist and Writer and Publisher? Let’s see how RICHARD DOLAN defines himself in his blog. Richard Dolan Press:  “Richard Dolan, one of the world’s leading researchers and writes on the subject of UFO…”
He includes one of his thousands of pics. The one that looks like a mad scientist in a class B science-fiction movie. (I think that some
of his baby-faces photos would do better but…the market is the market, right? The marketing of the UFO mythology is not easy these days…lots of competence. Besides each ufologists tells a different story. A blend of pseudo-science, faked whistle-blowers, discredited self-proclaimed experts, unreliable and imaginary sources and balloon pics.
I saw one of the Alfred Webre’s videos concerning an expert in Soul-Readings and also something about the new Greek antichrist and the depopulation plan of the Illuminati and the trans-humans.
However, I think that Richard Dolan will eventually take the right pill and get out of the Matrix. The
worst Matrix of all, which is self-delusion, conscious lying and alienation.
In one of his blogs, Professor Dolan recommends the wonderful Zen Buddhism book Comfortable with Uncertainity written by Pema Chondron.  
This great small book is indeed one way out of the Matrix of Delusion and here in the words of Professor Richard Dolan we can read his confession:
 “ So the question is, what are we to do with this precious gift? Do we live it, experience it, love it?
Or, do we throw it away by thinking and fantasizing about other things, like a silly TV show, silly mass entertainment/media, or dwell on the past, or fantasize about a future scenario, or focus on perceived past injuries and turn ourselves into a victim, or maybe a hero, or whatever. Beck, I think, called it spinning out – we spin out of our actual moment, which is the only thing we really have. Instead, by spinning out, we focus on things that aren’t real, or at least not real to the core of our being.
In other words, when we do such things, the main thing we are NOT doing is … living. We are abdicating our life for something that is valueless and even harmful to our greater development.”
Why is this a confession? Because Ufology is precisely “…fantasizing about other things, like a silly TV show, silly mass entertainment/media, or dwell on the past, or fantasize about a future scenario,...”and Richard Dolan knows this, and that is why he understands the real wisdom of Pema Chondrom and of Buddhism.
Buddhist meditation Richard is to see things as things are. I recommend you the Sattipathana Sutra. Buddha teaches meditation in this Sutra.  
The whole Buddhist Dharma is a real pill out of Matrix. The best of all pills produced by Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, 2 thousand five hundred years ago.

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