Monday, April 20, 2015

Human like qualities evolved on Earth and are very unlikely to be repeated in the universe.

 Incognito Jay
Yesterday 7:28 PM
The problem with UFOs is that the speed of light is impractically slow for interstellar travel and going near light speed would take as much energy.  Even if loose space particles were harnessed it would add very negligible energy according to the laws of thermodynamics.  For every pound of a spaceship 9 are needed as fuel, and 200,000 gallons of kerosene are needed to lift the Saturn V rocket into orbit.   Due to the speed of light limitation we wouldn't be able to explore the universe in a reasonable time.  Being ultra generous and assuming the nearest intelligent life are 500 light years away at the fastest it would be 1,000 years round trip.  A much more reasonable speed to aim for is .05c, which is still very fast and enough to make asteroid and moon mining economically viable but still nowhere near fast enough for practical interstellar travel.

  At 99.9% the speed of light a Jupiter amount of energy would be required to accelerate a ship, not practical and even very dangerous to harness.  That's not even factoring deceleration, which if done too fast would be quite unsafe and fatal.  

As for life itself the criteria for it to evolve are very strict: you need an Earth sized planet with the proper magnetic field, atmosphere, tilt, distance, yellow star and other criteria and even if life does evolve intelligence is very difficult to evolve.  The human form evolved here on Earth, and posable thumbs, bifocal vision, and other human like qualities evolved here on Earth and are very unlikely to be repeated elsewhere in the universe. 
The Fermi Paradox
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