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Richard Dolan's speculations and the real beneficiary.

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Richard Dolan calls the UFO phenomenon AS MASSIVE. Not true. 95% of all UFO sightings are natural phenomena and man-made artifacts.
One thing that Richard Dolan says is however true: the whole thing is SPECULATION.
Not being a scientific, Richard however tells us that Interstellar travels and Time Travel are possible

in the future. SPECULATION, of course.
Richard Dolan tells us that he doesn’t think that what he calls the “Mystery of our times” will be solved.

In an amazing show of naivety, Dolan tells us that the silence of the government or cover-up (not true,) shows the totalitarianism of it. (He should not worry.  The government wants us to think that its totalitarianism shows in the presumed UFO problem. In fact gov. promotes this idea. Richard Dolan helps the government in this. Forget about drones, Israel aggressions, hunger, espionage, lobbies control, corporate greed. Think about UFOS…that’s what Governments wants.  Thanks Richard Dolan for your “patriotic collaboration.”
Included latter.
But how does Dolan to make UFO trivia look as important from the political, social and historical view?
: Michael R. Schuyler finds the key:
“ Dolan presents some cases from each year, followed usually by political events, then an analysis of the UFO story in light of those events. This is a very workable system because it has the effect of placing UFOs, the cover-up, and the politics of the day in context with each other.”
What are the sources of our “investigator”? Other books of course. I wrote several times that ufologists write the same book again and again.
Michael R. Schuyler writes about Dolan’s references from other books:
“He cites Clear Intent forty times in his book, Richard Hall, 49 times, Timothy Good, 29 times. There’s over ten percent of his citations right there, from books that are themselves essentially listings of sightings. The last two do provide references. How much do you want to bet that Dolan looked at the references at all? If he did, he would have cited the original sources instead. There is no evidence he ever looked at them. This kind of reference has the effect of making his book seem more scholarly than it really is. Although Dolan is widely considered to be an academician without portfolio, even though he has never held an academic post (or claimed to), the fact is that this kind of research would never be accepted in academia, where you would be expected to get to the original material, even if you found it elsewhere. (Note: There are over 1,000 footnotes altogether.) What Dolan has essentially done is summarize sightings reported and summarized by other authors, condensed them a bit, paraphrased the originals (or not, often using the original phrasing verbatim), then woven in some contemporary history surrounded by conspiracy theory. This is a daunting task by itself, but it isn’t exactly original research. They are summaries of summaries with no access to original sources. You might get away with that at a junior college, where their libraries often do not have the original journals on hand, but you’d never get away with that in graduate Page: 5 school where abstracts and summaries are intended to lead you to the source—not become the source themselves. ‘’
Of course, as usual in Ufology, Dolan finds agents everywhere. Points to some of them without giving evidences most of the times. In fact, UFO and aliens are the background of the big conspiracies. Richard Dolan is not different to the other
I suggest reading the British Magonia literary critic of  
 “The most disturbing aspect of the book is the impression given by the author that he regards one source as being as good as another. ‘’

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