Saturday, April 25, 2015

The resurrection of the UFO-ET Myth corpse ???

I agree With Dr. Michael Salla, and this is exactly what he does. Blending truth with show, fact with fiction, clowns with experts and self-proclaimed experts. HOWEVER, there is nothing wrong with all this. UFO-ET is a dead meme. We can play with it without risks and Michael Salla knows this perfectly well. Not even the big money can resuscitate the UFO Aliens Myth, and they try. Corporations need people looking at the sky and WAITING passively.
I think that there is nothing more pathetic that these adults playing games with fictions of the 50's and 60's. The last problem that Gov. Agencies have is the UFO subculture. They would not spend a penny or a second in disinforming Ufologists. They are disinformed enough. The "message" of the powers that be is this: do not worry about drones and terrorism and more wars. Just keep waiting...watching the empty skies and demmand a about this? 
We are entering a new time period that I have been briefed on that will be considered a very confusing "Disinformation War" to control the narrative and also manipulate the very powerful tool of humanities joint consciousness and its co-creative abilities
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