Thursday, April 2, 2015

Richard Dolan teaching Ufology.

Is this an abduction???
We must recognize that it’s not easy to teach Ufology because it’s[TS1]  impossible to teach something that you do not understand. Richard Dolan, History professor, recognized that 1) He hates UFOs. 2)
That  UFO phenomenon is infinitely complex. Besides, the pseudo-science called Ufology works with conjectures because there are no facts concerning Unidentified Flying Objects. Worst, is perfectly possible to understand that UFO are non-existent entities. 95% of
all “UFO sightings”  are perfectly identified as natural phenomena and /or man-made artifacts. (This is taboo for the “professors of Ufology.”)
The Ufology professor must convince their students what follows:
Opium for the masses.
1) That one or more alien civilizations have either developed vastly faster-than-light propulsion systems or flown for a minimum of 1,500 years across space to find us
2) That having done so, they neither make contact with our leaders,
3) That instead they appear to some not-always-stable individuals in remote communities, either bearing confused messages of generic peace-and-goodwill or briefly kidnapping them, usually for bizarre semi-sexual
nor annihilate us in a single blaze of terrible light with their unimaginably advanced technology
They're big claims. And, as Carl Sagan said, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
And there is no such evidence. The trouble with the whole field of "UFOlogy" is that it relies on a logical fallacy. "You can't explain this photograph/video/experience", say the UFOlogists, "therefore aliens did it." It's reminiscent of creationist logic – "you can't explain this chemical pathway/complex organ/unfound fossil, therefore God did it", and like creationist logic it cheapens what it wants to promote. A degree course in UFOlogy cheapens the real search for alien life
Of course people use to THINK and here we include some comments on the Ufological teachings of Richard Dolan:

Originally posted by PhoenixOD

"This video and post is just an advert for an online course that costs over $400. I think I’ll keep my

"Are you on commission?
money thank you very much. "
No, never made a penny out of UFO research - where did you see the course cost $400 and did you not read this bit of the thread? "

"That said, his recent association with the Exopolitical crowd and assumptions made in his new book 'A.D. After Disclosure' have made me a bit wary about his convictions (and credibility) - it looks like all links to the IMU are down at the moment but I am sincerely hoping the course is free.."
No comment

"If Richard Dolan actually is charging $400 then I'd advise people to steer well clear as most of the historical military UFO reports and government documents he mentions are available free online anyway."

By the way, Dr.Michael Salla gives a complete course of GALACTIC DIPLOMACY..! (with Diploma.)

I think that awareness, yes...awareness, will not make things easy for Richard. Paradoxically he is an intelligent and cultivated individual and this fact puts him ABOVE the so called Ufology. Perhaps our professor of presumably existent but unknown entities (UFO,) will have problems of identity, nothing serious of course. (...what am I doing? What am I talking about?...who am I?
However, we must read between lines...Freedom is near, Richard, believe me/

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