Monday, April 20, 2015

Professor Richard Dolan getting out of the Matrix.

UFO Crash Con - UFO Secrecy - Richard Dolan LIVE FEATURE

If you pay close attention to this Richard Dolan's lecture, you will learn a lot of things but nothing about UFOs, but after all, UFO are the less interesting myth of the so called Ufology (or Exopolitics.)

As usual, Richard justifies his interest in the cosmic or atmospheric or hallucinatory phenomenon.

Richard tells us how a young academic, History professor, become interested in all this thing that was popular in the 50's.

Now, in my view, Dolan is at least more honest than the fantastic charlatans that populate the rarefied UFO sub-cultural environment. The evidence of this is that Richard Dolan recognizes that he doesn't know what UFO are, particularly important, he doesn't believe that the phenomenon is extraterrestrial. Instead of jumping into the nonsense he tries to remain credible.

What happens here? Did Professor Dolan lost his faith in the "enigma" of the flying saucers? No and yes. Year after year, Richard saw clearly that he, like any other self-proclaimed ufologist was condemned to repeat and repeat the same factoids, the same non-events. He understood that there will
never be any disclosure and perhaps "took
his pill, the right one," and recognized that there mas nothing to disclose.
Here you have the Project Blue Book. There is here something more than a mantra.

This PDF format document was produced by The Project Blue Book Archive http://www.bluebookarchive.orgwith the support of Project 1947, Sign Historical Group, Fund for UFO Research, and the Archives for UFO Research, News and Information Service

Professor Richard Dolan is prudent. His tries with the "breakaway civilization " and "secret space program" are not enough. If he wants to keep the old UFO mythology alive, he must visit "fantasy island" . My opinion is that Prof. Richard Dolan will indeed take the right pill and get out of the "matrix" . Richard Dolan will find that the UFO mythology, lies, delusions, unreliable sources and nonsense ARE THE REAL MATRIX.
Truth is Richard, that there are many "television personalities"and smiling baby faces, but good, decent, progressive History professors are not enough.

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