Monday, May 11, 2015

The end of Richard Dolan's image as a "serious UFO researcher"

Working hard, Richard Dolan sold the image of "serious ufologist" . Probably he believed that thousands of photos of his pretty face would solidify this image ( and his own narcissistic Ego.)
However he choose to share profits and shame with the well known UFO gang of hoaxers, charlatans  and liars and this confirms what many analysts wrote about the style of  writing about the UFO ET mythology. Time ago UFO Watchdog predicted in some way the future of Dolan:

"So what is the problem? The problem is that Dolan appears to take all evidence at face value. He will quote Morris K. Jessup on an equal basis with Jacques Vallee. He will talk of Gray Barker on the same level as J. Allen Hynek. He puts Philip Corso at the same level as Jerome Clark. In other words, he does not seem to discriminate between sources. He considers them all valid. Rather than sifting through vast amounts of disinformation for the Truth, it’s
more like he’s amassing a mound of evidence without regard to its veracity or corroboration. He doesn’t even allude to the possibility that there might be some problems with some of this evidence. The clowns are thrown in with the professors. "

Richard Dolan choose the clowns, but let me tell you this: In the so called ufology, sooner or latter, this is inevitable. 
The alternative is one and only one: to be honest. To tell the truth. To work as a History professor in a clean cultural environment. 
Thousands of photos of a smiling Richard Dolan will do nothing to give him back his totally lost credibility. 

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