Saturday, May 16, 2015


May 5th Hoax.
Suddenly we find that evidences are there, in front of our eyes. Such is the case with Richard Dolan who belong to a different category of Ufologists: The disguised skeptics. Of course, since everything Secret Alpha Epsilon Z. Program, SAEZP, also known as “Correcaminos” (I don’t know why.)
is not what looks to be, it’s possible that Richard gives the image of a disguised skeptic and in fact belongs to the
Apparently, this secret program is nothing but a complex investigation on the population’s Levels of Credibility. Let me give some examples:
In several occasions, Richard Dolan told and wrote that he doesn’t know what the UFO’s are, if extraterrestrial vehicles or some terrestrial secret program, or…who knows what. Even he said that the so called UFO phenomenon was “infinitely complex”, in some way recognizing that it is an unsolvable mystery.  
pathetic and sad,
More, Professor Richard Dolan, who was behind the May 5th ET photos Hoax, didn’t denied what some sources see the pathetic event as a maneuver of disinformation based on the ridicule.  Insiders call the May 5th event the “Mexican shock” and “Tequila’s Aliens”.
Of course, the Shadow Government must be behind these decoy tactics. It will not be easy for
Richard Dolan and his Keyhole Publishing Company to sell books about UFO when the writer confesses that he has no idea about what UFOs are. Seems contradictory right? Sounds like: “I have no idea what UFO’s are, but let me tell you what UFO are.”
By the way, I want to tell you people something about negative rumors. I have absolutely no evidence concerning Richard Dolan as some kind of obsessive womanizer. Those who say such thing are in fact like the UFO-ET researchers and show-men: they have NO EVIDENCE of what they say.
It looks to me that Professor Richard Dolan is a good husband and father. I also believe that soon, our researcher will choose the cultural and professional environment he deserves.
Even it’s possible that Richard will surprise us with a new book that shows how the UFO –ET mythology was created and planted as a “brainwasher” and a decoy meme by the powers that be. ([i]-)

Tomas Scolarici

i)                 The so called UFO mystery is solved already.

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