Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The credibility of professional ufologists is already dead.

A bad joke.
The UFO-ET-Conspiracy believers learned a lot about the so called Ufology. First of all that ufology teaches us a lot about us, human beings and not the hypothetical extraterrestrials. Perhaps more important is the fact that this mythology is belief and not knowledge, and because of this the presumed UFO research is a religious sect or will become one.
The No-Roswell-Slides hoax shows that professional ufologists' motivation is money and not truth.
The market rules. What sells is true for these self proclaimed experts and "television personalities".

In the excellent blog "Above Top Secret " we read this comment:

"I am not entirely certain, but I think at a certain point it was decided to lead the UFO community down a blind alley. At this point the entire "field" of UFOlogy actually does come across as a complete joke. Originally, there was always interesting sightings and stories, but it became contaminated with phony stories and legitimate leaks, and so muddying the waters completely seems to be what has now occurred. No UFO contact has taken place, no advanced technology has been implemented and shared, and those who have based their careers on all of this stuff seem to be treading water and getting tired..." 


"The entire field of ufology actually comes across a big joke" a sad joke, because the believers finance the jokers.  (No money back?)

Some of the promoters of the Mexican fiasco were decent enough to apologize. Others seem to believe that some more happy face selfies will keep credibility strong. They are wrong because credibility was already dead before the no-roswell-slices pathetic show.
However, those who want to believe will only read and listen to those who confirm their belief. The hoaxers will take care of those who criticize their dogma. Sinners will be excommunicated and after this the professional UFO researchers will write the same book again and again. They will tell you the same fantasies, the same lies once more. They will show you faked  pictures and tell the same stories from discredited sources and non-existent insiders. 

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