Sunday, July 5, 2015

UFO Industry and "easy money"

Self proclaimed "experts in UFOs",perhaps it's time to VISIT the real world. 
Perhaps you should consider the perspectives of the GREED  machine of exploitation in Europe after the Greek NO referendum?
The "problem " are not imaginary cover-ups and invented "aliens".
Hunger, wars, crisis, and GREECE, who voted against the billionaires blackmail are the real world in which we live.

Remember, ex-professors of History, charlatans, ex-"academics" , hoaxers, pseudo-mystics that 400 years before the christian era, a Greek called Protagoras told us that MAN is the measure of all things.
Imaginary ETs, gods, angels and demons are the measure of at nothing.
They are just inventions of those who profit with the created needs of the "believers". 
The profeteers of the UFO Industry know perfectly well that they are lying, selling fiction as fact.
They are not looking for truth, they are looking for easy money.

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