Friday, January 15, 2010

Psy-ops, Exopolitics, but no Aliens.

Dear people.
Terrarubicon "discovered" that we are psy-ops. Our answer was to HELP this gentleman to show his "discovery" to others. We published they whole p4r post "everywhere".
The Charlatans, gurus, UFO profiters and Exofantasists are probably happy, but ...why?
They are happy because they find SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT.
They are also in a cover-up, but theirs is the ABSENCE of "aliens".
Thet desperately need words, and more words. Billions of words will, perhaps, veil the TRUTH. No aliens there, and if there are aliens, surely these are not friendly at all. Just UNINVITED ENTITIES. (Haiti gives thanks to these "good cosmic brothers" for their help. Oh and also thanks to the "Source")

Now, wait a minute.. something is wrong here, many things are wrong. Dr. Boylan, also knows as Dr. Sauna, accuses Dr. Salla of being a psy-op and disinformer. A member of the Cabal.
In Salla's group, we are called psy-ops.
Webre in fact, (read terracon post links) defended the brutal Cuban Castro Dictatorship, the Communist Paradise, and attacked Tomas Scolarici (the expert in dark arts )for demoralizing the Cuban people, so happy with the Castro Brothers. How nice, these people wants peace in space and hell on Earth.

The Exos have many things in common even if they hate themselves. They are afraid of doubts, questions, demands of Evidences.
They baned those who ask questions. They want YES men and women.
On the contrary our group Rational UFOLOGY is open to everybody. WE ARE NOT AFRAID of anyone.
We invite <> to join us, of course.
Aliens? Oh of course, but whoever they are, they do not waste time with Exopoliticians. They let them sell their New Age books, their quake doctors, their workshops with children.
The ufonauts let these people denounce Conspiracies and Cover-Ups, Attack the Cabal, and self-proclaim themselves Councilors of Earth. Who cares?
Let them sell their snake oil to the flock.
If we don't buy it, we are the Devil himself.


James AKA Tomas


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