Saturday, January 16, 2010

Analyzing the UFO Psyops Mythology

Dear friends and some foes.

Let's think about all this UFO psyops rhetoric.
The governments are giant bureaucracies. The UFO psyops mythology affirms that the government is wasting time, money and work force in some kind of lateral, soft fight against Salla, Boylan and similar fantasists.

These imaginary gobernment agents are psyops, or the cabal, or any other organized agents of "darkness".

The first rational question is this: Why should the government do that?
What kind of danger would come from people like the previously mentioned?

The State can deal with real dangers, of course. They will do this legally or even illegally, in open or special operations. Probably they will "solve" the problem in the "hard way", if there is real danger. If I were in contact with Aliens, I would be under arrest.

However, little yahoo groups and New Age Ufologists, do not move a hair in the head of bureaucrats.
Salla, Boylan, Greer and other fantasists, are not a problem for the governments. They are absolutely innocuous and inoffensive for teh authorities.

My personal polemic with the EXOS is based in that, in my opinion, the UFO mystics and pseudo-scientists are the worst enemies of serious ufological research.
Besides, they are basically postulating the existence of Extraterrestrial Masters that will Guide (and abduct) this poor Humanity. They are collaborationists. They are neo-cultists. They represent a New Dark Age. (In my view)

This is what I believe, but the Government doesn't even know that Salla or Boylan exist. They don't care about them.
Then, why all this noise about psyops fighting Exopoliticians and Ufocultists?

Because the same EXOS look IMPORTANT talking about psyops and Intelligence operations against them.
If the CIA is worried about me, says the EXO, then I am important. People will believe that I am into something big.
Not so, they are just into selling books and workshops and courses of "Galactic Diplomacy"...nothing big at all. The government doesn't care about all these childish fantasies at all.
Again, these New Age thing is not a problem for the State. They KNOW that there are no Altimarians or Star nations appointing Boylan Councilor of Earth.
Earth governments have enormous problems and, believe me, UFOs are not a problem at all for the Authorities.

Please, think about this. Think carefully and without prejudice.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

James AKA Tomas.


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