Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Google takes good care of Exopolitics

No, this is not some esoteric word play. The problem is that when someone looks for the word Exopolitics, Google will take care of keeping him away, IF he is a healthy cultivated mind.
Just because EXOPOLITICS is related indissolubly with 10 years of disinformation, with the Absurdistan Circus.
Looking for Exopolitics we will learn that Salla, an EX academic, pointed that the Invasion to Irak took place because there was some extraterrestrial artifact there..!
Looking for Exopolitics we will learn that Webre wrote that Earth was put into quarantine by the "nice alien brothers".
Also looking for Exopolitics we will learn that Fatima was just a pleyiadean girl dressed as the Holy Virgin Mary, and that Basiago, a lawyer, knows all about civilized life in Mars.
Looking for Exopolitics in Google or any other search engine, we will learn that President Eisenhower had a close encounter with aliens, even if his own family and friends told that he was with his dentist.

There is no biggest error than trying to keep alive what is dead. Exopolitics, after all is,  IMO, a complete operation of Disinformation. It was born to be the big circus.
Something happened...something was going on when an academic and diplomat and writer of a book like The American Hero Journey, committed academic suicide and become just, in the Academic world, a discredited Exopolitician.



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