Thursday, September 6, 2012

Apriorism: the fallacy that EXOfantasists love.

Rational people allow facts to be the test of principles. Once we explore facts we can retain of modify our principles. However, when we expose our convictions apriori, and use those personal, unsubstantiated principles to deny facts, we commit the fallacy of apriorism. 
This fallacy favors unwarranted presumptions, and the theory is unsupported by evidence.
Aprioristic reasoning is the ideal tool of those whose beliefs have nothing to do with reality. If necessary, the apriorism will deny facts, if these facts do not support the thesis sustained apriori.
Apriorism fallacy is used to support a preconceived judgment against the evidence.
The EXO fantasists statements are based in preconceived ideas that are not supported by facts and these ideas about hundreds of extraterrestrial civilizations contacting our planet are presented to the audience without any factual evidence.
Facts are systematically denied and ignored in the ET hypothesis rhetoric, and the absence of evidences supporting their hypothetical convictions is presented as a massive conspiracy.
In rational thinking, facts and objective experience are the real fundaments of knowledge. Any hypothesis only will legitimize itself IF facts give the evidence needed.
When our EXO fantasists deny the need of concrete evidences, the whole process of rational thinking collapses. Anyone can say anything about anything without showing evidences, and this is precisely the dominion of the charlatanism and the superstition.
Conspiracy theorists can say that the government and the scientists lie about the lack of contact with extraterrestrials, but this accusation is only valid if they give us FACTS that contradict the government and the scientific community. The burden of proof, by the way, belongs to those who affirm the existence of ETs in our planet.
If you say that extraterrestrial civilizations are in contact with the government, you are the one who must demonstrate what you say through concrete evidences. Until you give us those proofs, your whole discourse is invalid.

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