Friday, September 21, 2012

The "Humanity" of the Extraterrestrials.

The galaxy of memes that build up the ETH, (Extraterrestrial Hypothesis) of the UFO phenomenon, is very limited and restrictive, because of its anthropocentrism. Why? Simply because the presumed extraterrestrials must be human like. In other words, these aliens are bad human-like or good human-like.
If these ETs are totally different from humans, the ETH hypothesis and resultant mythology simply doesn’t work at all.
The good aliens must be simple, a little primitive, and religious. Their messages through contactees are a popular blend of religion, New Age and good advices. They are of course shy, vulnerable and trivial.
The bad aliens are also human like: repulsive (reptilians) evil, and make use of gangster methods like the rape like abductions and intimate explorations of their human victims with primitive instruments.
Any person with objective and impartial knowledge of the UFO Phenomenon will find all this insufficient and inadequate.
Unidentified Aerial Phenomena are much more complex than that, and I think that some of the Exo-mythologists know this but adapt their “aliens” to the marketing needs.
The producers of these ET memes must also imagine the nature of the Universe and their Civilizations as cosmic burocracies, councils, federations and nations, all this very human in fact.
Jacques Vallee, talks about the “principle of mediocrity” ruling with iron fist the ETH ufological subculture.
The product of this principle of mediocrity will give us a kind of Class B science-fiction blended with televangelists and new age rhetoric.
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