Friday, September 28, 2012

UFO and IFO: a deconstructive reading.

We find that in Ufology there is a fundamental binary of antonyms that are both contradictory and complementary: UFO, Unidentified Flying Object, and IFO, Identified Flying Object. As we know, the opposed elements are only understood if we compare them, as happens with classical dualisms like day/night, light/darkness, man/woman and good/evil.
Back to the UFO idea, private research organizations like M.U.F.O.N, coincide with the authorities in the fact that approximately 95% of the UFO sightings and detections become identified as natural elements or man-made artifacts.  
So, 95 % of UFOs become IFOs.
However, the privileged component of the duality is the UFO conception, even if only 5 % of the UFOs remain unidentified. Some researchers and fantasists try to make us believe that IFOs don’t exist.
But we must recognize not only that UFOs are the absolute minority, but also accept the possibility that some of those few UFOs become IFOs after some more research, so the definition of Unidentified Flying Objects is not necessary permanent but transitory and conditional.
If this is the case, the UFO conception is unreliable.  Every UFO includes the possibility of becoming an IFO, but, on the contrary once the flying objects are identified as balloons, airplanes, Venus, Jupiter, drones, hoaxes or space junk, the IFO condition becomes permanent and recognized.
Evidently the identification of the few flying objects that remain conditionally unidentified with extraterrestrial space vehicles is irrational and unsustainable. 
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