Saturday, September 29, 2012

The sad story of academics and professionals becoming UFO researchers.

We talked already about lawyers, academics and serious professionals that suddenly become attracted by the UFO subculture.  
If they are new to the whole thing, it’s possible that their thoughts are something like this:

“Oh my, this is wonderful. Perhaps I could rewrite the whole story of international conflicts. I could read all this and show that the whole thing is produced by manipulative extraterrestrials...! Yes, not only I will sell lots of books but I will be able to live in Hawaii or Palm Beach, Florida.”

The problem is that this conversion happens because the imaginative academics found all this in the virtual reality. They are getting all this UFO=Aliens dis-mis-information in the Internet.
Since they are inexpert and probably bored and enduring some middle age crisis, they believe that all this is new. They do not understand that the same fantasies and mythologies are been repeated for the last six decades.
What the new “experts” do after the conversion?
They go into it. They write and talk and create institutions and web pages, and they invent new words like Exopolitics or Exobiology of Cosmic Alchemy.
However, sooner or later they find the truth. The sources are nonexistent,  the market is controlled by the competition, the channeled messages are New Age trivia and the Extraterrestrials are never there. Lots of individuals of both sexes talk and write about these invisible aliens, but the real thing is imaginary or invisible.
What happens when the converts see the truth?
Perhaps for some of them, it is too late to go back into the academic world. If this is so, they will try to compete. They will try to find something new, something that was never said before. (They will not find it.)
If the good aliens do not sell well, they will try with the bad aliens.
The lucky ones will perhaps make a modest living with their own fantasies blended with the promotion of seers, faith healers and contactees.

The unlucky ones will conclude with Macbeth :
“Live is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing…”

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