Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Structural analysis of the ufological narrative.

Structuralism argues that there must be a structure in every text, and in any narrative. From the structuralist perspective it is possible to interpret any narrative because everything that is written seems to be governed by specific rules, or a "grammar of narrative”.

The whole Ufology is in fact a narrative with clear structural elements.

In the fifties, while the world was fighting the so called cold war, UFOs like those visualized by Kenneth Arnold, the man who claimed to have seen nine unusual objects flying in a chain near Mount Rainier, Washington on June 24, 1947 brought the basic element to the story.

Were defined in the context of the constant threat of a nuclear conflagration, consequently, a modern mythology was built  through the paradigm of good aliens coming to our Earth with the purpose of stopping the nuclear threat.
Since there was no evidence of such development, good aliens become the enemies of the establishment, so we have now the following narrative structure: the bad government-scientific statu quo against the good extraterrestrials trough denial of ETs existence.
The obvious consequence of this confrontation brought a new structural element to the ufological narrative: the conspiracy theory.

This conspiracy theory had several functions. Kept the story alive and justified the lack of evidence about the ET presence with the hypothesis of the cover-up.
Since the narrative structure required some kind of contact between humans and ETs, the contactee element was added to the previously described structural elements.
So we arrive to the following model: Good aliens-bad government-cover-up conspiracy-individual contactees.

Of course, the narrative demanded characters, and men in black were brought to the scenario.
In the contactees narrative, there was no evidences of a real contact between humans and an advanced extraterrestrial civilization, consequently the ET=UFO narrative included personal mythologies and also bad aliens presumably conspiring with the authorities against the people. The Betty and Barney Hill abduction on September 19, 1961 gave us a new structural element to the ufological narrative: the ET abductions.
On the positive side we have Good Aliens-contactees-self proclaimed experts-researchers and the disclosure groups.
On the negative, opposite side we find Bad Aliens-authorities-conspirative science-abductions-men in black.
We must remember also that books, lectures, videos and pseudo-science created a market for the ufological narrative in other words the industry of Aliens-UFO-Conspiracy.

From a rational perspective we must be aware that the absolute lack the evidences to prove the existence and presence of these extraterrestrials, makes all this ufological narrative a fiction that is the worst enemy of any serious, scientific research.

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