Friday, July 26, 2013

What's behind the cover-up mythology.

The theory of the Cover Up is based on the following elements:
A) Authorities, Intelligence Services, members of the Army and the scientific establishment have concrete evidences about the existence of Extraterrestrial Civilizations and presumably are in contact with some of these ET civilizations. This fact is kept in secrecy.
To maintain the cover-up, those who know the truth conspire to deny (A)
Because of the nature of this secret, the truth about Extraterrestrial presence is shared by a great number of individuals.
How many?
Let us suppose that in the whole planet, only 500 individuals know that ETs exist and have evidences about their existence.
Since this is a shared secret, if only one individual reveals the truth and shows concrete evidences, the whole cover-up collapses.
Obviously, there are 500 (or more) possibilities of disclosure, because if only one conspirator reveals the truth showing concrete evidences, the other 499 individuals cannot save the secret.
The Cover up requires the silence of 500 individuals. (All of them)
The Disclosure requires only one whistle blower (with concrete evidences.)
It is practically impossible to keep such a secret shared by so many people from different social, political and scientific professions, so, it’s logical to assume that such secret doesn't exist.
UFO=ET fantasists need the cover-up fantasy, simply because conspiracies justify the total lack of reliable evidences.
If UFO fans believe in the cover-up, they will believe in the pseudo-scientific rhetoric. The impostor knows that if someone believes in the possibility of a massive cover-up conspiracy of the governments, and the whole world scientific establishment, this believer will accept any fantasy and…he/she will buy books , magazines, lectures, etc.  He is a client.

The insistence in the already discredited idea of the cover-up, is just marketing. The “experts” in extraterrestrial civilizations know this perfectly well but…the show must go on.

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