Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The charlatans want YOUR money.

Of course if an individual is insane, he is not responsible for his hallucinations. The question is this: how we know that Mister X is insane and Dr. Z is a charlatan?

Don’t worry because the answer is simple. The charlatan, the con-man, the liar, the pseudo scientist will always organizes his fantasies and nonsense as a business. She or he is market oriented.

Now, the charlatan wants to make a living with YOUR money, consequently he needs a very special kind of clients. He needs people who will buy his books and read them without exercising what we call critical thinking.

Now the question is this: you should know if you are one of those clients and why.
You must watch your own mental processes and see if you, for some reason, need to believe in certain things or entities without demanding any evidence. If this is so, probably your emotions control your thoughts.

However, to have faith is a religious phenomenon. When some exopolitician or “cosmic alchemist” tells you that several extraterrestrial civilizations are not only present in our planet, but in contact with the authorities, you have to analyze without any emotional attachment, the narrative of the individual who wants your money in exchange of obvious misinformation.

What are the sources of this “expert in extraterrestrial visitors”?  
Are those sources anonymous or unreliable?
Has this “Dr.Z” any concrete, verifiable evidence to probe his statements?

If you cannot answer your questions with a clear YES, then someone is trying to make a fool of you. The con-man is selling you something that has no value. He wants money for his colored beads, hoping that you will believe that these are diamonds. He is selling you bad fiction as fact.

Remember to look for independent confirmation. Don't run with the first idea that caught your fancy.
See that behind the hyperbolic statements, the paranoia, and the unsubstantiated “revelation” there is nothing valuable.

Probably our Dr. Z is just repeating the lies of previous charlatans.
So, do not buy the book. Do not pay for “lectures”. Do not believe that your money will make you a galactic diplomat. (There is no such thing.)

Someone is trying to make a living with your money.

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