Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fantasists just love the cover-up.

A Paradox
The UFO=ET mythology can only be sustained and kept alive through conspiracy theories, but many of the self proclaimed “experts” are trapped in an in circulum probando logical fallacy.
This fallacy also known as Circular Argument happens when an argument takes its proof from a factor within the argument itself, rather than from an external one.

Consider the hypothetical cover-up. Presumably the presence of extraterrestrial civilizations in our planet is a fact, but governments and the whole scientific establishment conspire to deny such presence to the public.
The mythologist will not give evidences of such a giant conspiracy, simply because the cover-up includes the elimination of such evidences.
That is why the exo-mythologist loves the cover up fantasy, for the reason that such conspiracy gives him the possibility of unlimited nonsense.

Besides, for the conspiracy theorists, anyone denying the existence of a conspiracy becomes a coconspirator, and her/his doubts are simply a trick of the cover up apparatus.

This is also a circular argument fallacy. For the ET mythologists, there are no individuals who have different ideas. The critics are always psyops, illuminati or employees of the “shadow government.” For the snake oil sellers, those who make questions about the cover up just belong to the cover-up, and with this the argument is closed.

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