Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dangerous alternative UFO-abduction meme.

In our world, the possibilities of communication are practically unlimited, and because of this, the responsibility of the communicator is greater than ever before. We must think before talking or writing, about the possible consequences of our words and also of our silence.
A very old proverb says that “men are slaves of their words and masters of their silence.”

The extraterrestrial abductions meme was born from the Betty and Barney Hill story of their alleged abduction experience and several books contributed to give strength to this meme, without giving any kind of reliable evidence, as always happens with the hypothesis of the Extraterrestrial presence on our planet.

However, this meme grew and changed in some circles, and the abductions become a method employed by these aliens to progressively contact humanity.
Obviously the idea sold relatively well, and brought money for some psychotherapists and “experts“in ET activities.

Consider why this idea is effective and dangerous for border-line personalities. Since no evidence is demanded, anyone can say that he or she was selected for the ETs for some individual contact.
After all, anyone tell his own story or worst, his/her own hallucination. In fact this meme will produce in some self-delusive minds the fantasy.

For that reason the abduction as contact idea is negative and delusive and will bring more discredit of any serious ufological research.


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