Sunday, July 28, 2013

How Mythological Ufology becomes Religion.

Some people believe in gods, angels, demons and similar invisible, inaudible entities. Since there is no evidence that probes the existence of the mentioned beings, those believers have faith, and faith has nothing to do with science. More, it is god him/herself who gives us the Grace to believe, so faith in god depends on the will of the divinity.
Faith is confidence or trust in a person, thing, deity, or in the doctrines or teachings of a religion or view. It can also be belief that is not based on proof.

Now, if this is so, the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations visiting our planet is based on faith, because these hypothetic extraterrestrials are also invisible, inaudible and undetectable.
Considering the similarities between religion and the belief on extraterrestrials, sooner or later those who elaborate on the UFO=ET mythology, inevitably pseudo-ufology becomes a religion.

The case of James Gilliland illustrates this transformation. The Chronicle gives us the following information: Group Seeks Contact With Extraterrestrials at Mount Adams‘Enlightened Contact’
TROUT LAKE — Seeing a spaceship can be part of a spiritual journey toward enlightenment, according to reports from a group of area travelers, who took a trip to a UFO ranch near the base of Mount Adams last weekend.
James Gilliland claims to have enlightened contact with extraterrestrial intelligence and beings from higher dimensions at his ranch near Trout Lake, which purportedly is an internationally known UFO and paranormal hot spot.

In his ranch Mr. Gilliland organized a group called Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence.
Making contact with the greater family of man, our star family is available to us all should we choose to rise to the occasion. Please join us in helping to raise the Earth’s vibration and assist in the evolution of our planet for the challenging times ahead. –write Gilliland.
But this contact with “benevolent beings and spiritual guides” is private and depends of some kind of state of awareness and readiness for the experience of enlightening. James Guilliland presents himself to his followers as “ an internationally known speaker, author, and contactee. He is the founder of the Self Mastery Earth Institute, Science, Spirit and World Transformation Conferences as well as the ECETI Ranch an internationally known UFO and Paranormal hotspot. He is the author of Reunion With Source, Becoming Gods and his latest best seller The Ultimate Soul Journey.
We have a guru here, and the so called brothers of the stars are blended with the Source (god.)
The presumed contact with the Extraterrestrial Intelligences becomes a religious experience, and it’s implied by the group rhetoric that the contact is reserved to those who are ready for the event.
In the website of Gilliland organization we learn that “ One of the most powerful therapies on the planet is the Spiritual Transpersonal Release Technique. This was once known as Reto Clearing endearingly referred to as a spiritual roto rooter. It is a technique that transfers powerful consciousness and energy to the recipient allowing them to heal,"Quickly and Gracefully:, any mental or emotional wounds, traumas or wrong conclusions from past experiences. This includes past lives and any unseen negative influences as well. Many of our fears and phobias often do not have any base of origin in this life. This is when past lives have to be taken into account. Where does a child prodigy obtain the ability to play beautiful music, access knowledge beyond their present understanding? Where does the inspiration come from in all great works or art or science? We are more than the sum total of this lifes experience. Our mental and emotional bodies are affected by unseen spiritual forces in positive and negative ways. It is time to open to the positive and heal the negative. Please see below for energetic video footage of a Spiritual Transpersonal Release Session taking place.”
Forget about science, evidences, technology and detection. Forget about serious scientific research. Just…have Faith.

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