Sunday, July 14, 2013

What Dr.Michael Salla thinks about Alfred Webre.

The exopolitical war.


Webre shows many of the classic symptoms of a mind control victim. Brilliant and deeply insightful at times, but also with an unsteady, unbalanced, narcissistic personality that is easily provoked, and with a huge chip on his shoulders. I understand his anger, after all who wouldn't be if your career was destroyed decades ago by unseen powers that used hidden technological resources to undermine you. My experience with Andy Basiago from the time I first met him in 2006, is that he is also a mind control victim, and is currently tasked to manipulate and handle Webre by cleverly massaging Alfred's fragile personality by claiming that he, Webre, would single handedly lead an exopolitics revolution on planet Earth.
Alfred Webre exopolitics writing is a mish mash of profound insights together with unsubstantiated claims, and non-sequitors that leave one feeling bewildered after reading one of his exopolitics Examiner article dumps. Always eager to promote himself as the Founder or Father of exopolitics, in fact Webre is a marginal and controversial figure in the network of exopolitics researchers and activists that has formed around the world. Webre's writing and behavior is seen as too bizarre and controversial for most credible exopolitics researchers to use; and who distance themselves and their national organizations from Webre. When this was clearly pointed out to Webre in a dialogue he initiated himself on Jan 18, in the Exopolitics Institute's discussion list, the final result was all too predictable."
Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.
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