Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Charlatans, hoaxers and snake oil sellers.

Do you understand what the so called interdimensional star beings are? If you don’t you should not worry about your ignorance. Nobody does, not even the inventors of this new nonsense.
 In supernaturalism rhetoric, words and phrases try to give the impression that something meaningful has been said, when in fact only a vague or ambiguous claim or even a refutation has been communicated.

Charlatans try to make you believe that they know something you don’t know, and that is why they speak about cosmic alchemy, multiverses, interdimensional star beings and similar things without any real signification or value.

The late Richard Dawkins wrote:
“If you are in possession of this revolutionary secret of science, why not prove it and be hailed as the new Newton? Of course, we know the answer. You can't do it. You are a fake.”
In fact, all these are forms of deceit, as the use of weasel words
I recommend the excellent article about deceit in RationalWiki. You will find the “enlightening wisdom” of deceivers at work.

Some individuals present themselves as experts in alternative knowledge. There is no such thing and truth is that alternative knowledge is just ignorance and worst, deception.
Empty words, weasel words and false information are also related to fallacious arguments from authority. It’s it is an appeal to inappropriate authority, which occurs when an inference relies upon a person or a group without relevant expertise or knowledge of the subject matter under discussion.
Being a lawyer or a Doctor in sociology doesn't give you any kind of special knowledge on Physics or Astronomy.

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