Sunday, August 31, 2008

October 14. More disinformation

Now, after thousands of years on Earth, the "Visitors" will show on October 14.
This is a new piece of disinformation.
You will see that before that day, something will happen.
Then, there will be no show.
The aliens will not be able to show themselves... they are so shy..!
The EXOS will elaborate. They will find unsubstantiated connections between something happening on our planet AND the ET's absence.
But we are no as stupid as they think.
They cannot make a living, promising a lot and as usual, giving NOTHING.
What they are? Virtual ghosts.
They have Institutes with big names...nothing but names.
And ...what about Aliens?
Seems like they keep doing two kind of things: abducting people AND contacting individuals.
In thousands of years they don't feed the poor, or cure illness or stop wars and genocides.
They are NOT interested in any official contact.
Let me tell you that I am not a contactee, not a seer, not an Exopolitician or Exobiologist.
I am a human being, and let me tell you that something can be done about ET's.
You can organize local groups for research and discussion.
Perhaps they will make contact. Individual contact, unofficial contact.

Remember that there are no "experts"...just people making a living with what they found in the Internet.
Copy and Paste. Nothing more.
YOU know more than them, or the same.
They all have something in common: they all ask for "donations". Money if you want to know about decorated anonymous sources.
Money if you want to learn what "God" said to Mr. Hurtak.
"Call it "donations": it sounds better. Tax deductible...
Give me a break..!
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