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Policing Exopolitics

By Ed Komarek


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This article has been stimulated by a heated discussion between Dr. Michael Salla, I, and others on the Open Minds UN Meeting Thread as well as on an exopolitical critic's network very critical of Michael Salla that is being coordinated by Herbert Dunbar using the alias James Black. I would like to note that I have issues of contention not only with Michael but with James and the critics as well. Michael has contacted me by personal email asking to iron out our differences in private.

At this point I don't think that a private conversation between Michael and I would not accomplish very much at present. I think this controversy would be better off aired in the public domain in open public debate. But I don't want to confuse or upset those who have yet to have much experience with exopolitics let alone the politics of exopolitics. I think it would be better to just let this conversation percolate through the UFO/ET community to those who have an interest rather than give it wide distribution at least on my part.

I could be wrong on this because neophytes are vulnerable to hustlers and cultists in the UFO/ET field and they should be warned of the dangers. There is one group in the UFO/ET field that I have some very serious concerns about but they have not interfered with my and my associates activities. I do not see it as my job to police the UFO/ET field unless my exopolitical activities are being affected adversely. I would rather leave general policing to the critics.

I do agree with Michael that exopolitics could use some in house policing as Michael has suggested in the past. Perhaps those of us that are interested could develop a Policing Exopolitics thread at the OM forum if it would conform to OM rules. Policemen of all stripes often have to be confrontational because much of the time those that are being policed resist arrest and detention. J Sometimes the ones being policed are innocent and are being unfairly targeted and sometimes not. It's up to the judge and the jury to sort things out.

In our case an exopolitics policing and trial thread would be conducted as a trial in the court of public opinion. I think the thread would have to be moderated by someone who can fairly enforce certain limited protocols. These are the protocols that I think might work.

1. The thread should allow confrontation and heated argument but not insulting or trashy language.
2. The thread should not be about the validity of exopolitics as there are plenty of places that this is already being debated.
3. This thread should stay on topic and not be subject to being trashed by excessive posting including socializing.

The intention of this article is to simply promote further discussion and to solicit advice on the idea of developing an in house Exopolitics police force and a forum to air out our grievances. It could even turn into an independent organization. Of course critics outside the field can criticize as they see fit providing an outside perspective of both the field and the individuals participating. We can even provide a service to the critics as well as ourselves.

Critics provide an important function in all fields of endeavor as they provide a reality check on group activities. All too often leaders and supporters ignore, attack, or downplay the role of the critic at their own peril. In the UFO/ET field the favorite denial tactic is to call or suggest the critic a disinformation agent. It's always easier for a leader and followers to fall back into a cult like defensive posture of mutual support and admiration when confronted by often increasing hostile critics. But by doing this mistakes are not corrected and so are compound one upon the other resulting in a delusional cult at war with its increasing hostile critical environment. Not only do people both cultist and critic become psychologically and emotionally injured in this destructive process but people can even lose their lives.

I have lived long enough to experience the formation and destruction of a number of cults in the UFO/ET field. The most dangerous turned out to be the Heavens Gate cult. In the 1970's as a young man I met with a couple called "The Two" who were part of a UFO group run by a couple called Bo and Peep. A friend of mine joined this group and traveled about the country being promised that they would be picked up by flying saucers. After a few months he reported back to me very disillusioned that the promises were never kept. I moved on and it was decades later that the cult ended in the Heavens Gate mass suicide.

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