Saturday, September 13, 2008

My answer to the big UFO question

My personal answer to the UFO question is this:

Some of the so called Unidentified Flying Objects show some kind of technology unknown for us.
So, it is possible that non-human entities are behind such amazing technology.
A careful investigation of human history shows that these UFOs were always seen by people of different cultures. They are as old as our own humanity.
The behavior of these Entities show that they do not want any official contact with us.
We don't know who they are or what they want doing here.
Presumably these Aliens are not here to save us from ourselves. Also, it looks like they do not want to destroy us. They are detached from us.
Again, we don't know why they are here.
The "Aliens" are not in contact with any authority.
Authorities, through disinformation try to make us believe that "they know a lot but don't tell ".
Untrue, they know nothing, but they cannot recognize their Vulnerability.
UFOs are not a religious phenomenon.
Contactees are indeed part of the UFO mythology, but in the last 60 years, they have given us the same unsubstantial "message" from the Aliens. A Blend of Spiritualism, New Age, Religion; all very human indeed.
We are here: we must work with what we know. The rhetoric of Gurus, Exos, disinformers and Mystics, gives us nothing new.
On the contrary, they keep us in the Ignorance. That is exactly what GOV. wants.
This is how I can answer to the "big question"


James Black
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